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Stewart, from Coleraine, is to serve a life sentence for the murders of Trevor Buchanan and Lesley Howell in May Her ex-lover, former dentist Colin Howell, is serving 21 years after he pleaded guilty to the killings. The jury at Coleraine Crown Court found Stewart guilty after a day trial.

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In the video released Sunday, the men are shirtless because of the heat in the mine and wearing what look like white surgical pants, special clothing sent down to help keep them dry. Most are upbeat, expressing gratitude to their families and the rescuers for the support they are receiving via handwritten notes sent to them through three small bore holes. Authorities also send food, water, medicine and other goods to them through the three holes. But when it comes time to speak about their wives and children, many of the men break down.

On Monday, the men will equal a mark set by three miners who survived 25 days trapped in a flooded mine in southern China last year. Few other rescues have taken more than two weeks. Instead, it appears meant as a video postcard for loved ones, as each of the 12 men who speak to the camera are given about 30 seconds to talk.


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