Normani Kordei Boyfriend 2017: Who is the “DWTS” Contestant Dating?

Show more notes Reblog Request: I have an idea for an imagine and I though I should share with my fav writer on Tumblr: Well since everyone since to already hate this new girl Alicia I thought that maybe you could write about Alex x reader knowing each other from working during s4 and kinda dating not officially and then this new girl comes in for s5 and starts flirting shamelessly with Alex so reader is really jalous but he calms her down, yes? I hope I did this one right? So let me know, all of you, release the pressure resting on my heart. But how good those hot tempatures maybe were and how proud you was on the little tan you got, you where glad to be home again.

My Cousins Best Friend (Normani/you)

Most photos are professional and he uses it strictly to promote himself and his career. I feel like I don’t really get much of a sense about who he is as a person based of his social media, which is kinda smart at this point in his career, it is very Beyonce like actually, lol. I do not know how Zendaya has the world convinced she is so woke and deep. Since Juliana made those comments about her breads and she joined in on a few trendy social media hashtags and marches people are easily fooled.

I am not saying she is shallow, but I don’t think a guy who as nothing more than shallow things to say about social issues is that far beneath her.

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Why are her parents or her handlers not shutting her up? She is trying desperately to be the next Disney princess yet no one in her circle is telling her how to behave. Disney is not checking for underage girls sneaking into clubs or using the n-word. They don’t like controversy. As for Normani, frankly she is too much of a pushover because she should have checked Dinah long ago.

I’m not even here for my black friends using that word, no way in hell would I let a. She doesn’t have a backbone and I know Dinah’s cousin who Normani has dated for over a year uses it as well.

Fifth Harmony Official Tea Thread

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Jul 01,  · Normani’s boyfriend, Dinah’s cousin, made racist tweets a couple of years ago about black girls. He said that all black girls stink and some other stuff. Normani’s mother has made all kinds of excuses for him when Harmonizers bring it up.

I sat on my bed and opened my phone when I got an unknown number. Hey sorry about earlier it’s camila but I’d like for us to be friends if that’s ok with you of course. I started laughing “yea well we’ll see about that tomorrow”. After they left my parents and brother came home we all ate dinner. Franky walked to his room and shut his door. I got up and cleaned the kitchen with my mom washing the dishes.

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If you have a specific question, please read our FAQ Page first. When using the search bar, please use lower case letters and exclude any punctuation marks [] For Crying Out Loud Part 4 We all stared at Lauren as she pressed the elevator button vigorously. We all looked at Dinah. When the elevators door finally opened, Lauren immediately got in but before they closed I stopped them.

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Thomas Hansen

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Normani kordei dinah jane, dinah and the fortune of dinah jane hansen, lauren jauregui and dinah jane hansen. Also had her cousin. Normani’s mouth was said to be dating dinah’s cousin of normani.

It’s been clear what her intention was but to refuse meetings with the girls who helped pave the way to her opportunity just reeks of someone with no consideration for others once she had an exit strategy. It’s one thing to be ambitious, it’s another to be belligerent about it. But I do hope she finds some success because nothing will be more regretful than her flopping, possibly taking the rest down with her, and then in 15 years realizing what silly, short-sighted decisions we all make at OK but why does she have to take meetings?

If the contract is up, the contract is up. The contract isn’t with or to the other girls, they have no say in the matter. They can’t dictate hours or money or terms, so what does she have to meet them for? Meetings with people I don’t need, don’t want to need, would like to leave, so they can talk at me and pressure me into doing whatever is best for them? I will consult with my legal team and my management team and once I have made my decision, my representatives will notify you of what it is.

Too damn late to play this the “friend” way when your ass BEEN pushing me off pavements, tables, high fives and what-a-not. It’s just business boo, don’t get it twisted. Stay blessed now xx Vasilios said:

Normani Kordei’s boyfriend

If you have a specific question, please read our FAQ Page first. It was pretty obvious that Lauren liked Camila and it was also pretty obvious Camila felt at least a little something back. But neither of them could see it which was annoying. They were still people. Like right now, Lauren had just asked Camila if she wanted to come over after school and Camila was blushing like crazy like the adorable munchkin that she is.

And did Dinah mind?

normasi normani kordei masi hansen dinah jane lauren jauregui camila cabello Reblog. Here’s a rant! If you’re a Harmonizer then you probably know that Normani is dating Dinah’s cousin, Thomas Hansen aka Masi. And today I have seen so much hate targeted towards him! Then to top it off someone said Dinahs entire family was one big.

I got all the way up and pressed the stop button on my home screen to turn my alarm all the way off on my iPhone 7 and lazily walked to the bathroom. Dinah needs to hurry up and come back in town so I can go stay with her for a little while cause this bitch been getting on my last fucking nerve. So let me introduce myself to y’all right quick ya dig. I know yall wondering why a 19 year old would be going to school but I started school late which means an extra year for me I’m Dinah Janes older cousin, her mom is my sperm donors sister.

I know it’s fucked up to call your dad a sperm donor but when the nigga was playing peekaboo for 16 years then showed up and started being a father it’s hard to see it any other way. Anywaysss, I got that tall gene so it’s only right for me to be a 6’1 basketball player for my school team the Riverdale Raiders and my I’m a football player. Y’all probably like wait aren’t y’all from Cali but you in Atlanta. Well see what had happened was

Normani Kordei – All Vines August/2017

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