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Thanks to Anson Wu also for partial earlier translation and corrections. Communist Party of China request the Soviet Union provide nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines as promised at April and July The Soviet Union, in return, suggests building long-wave radio station in Chinese territory and organizing combined fleet with China in China’s territorial water. China believes that this suggestion violated China’s sovereignty, which leads to the breakoff of Sino – Soviet relationship. In order to prevent the invasion of Soviet Union, China accelerate the process to develop heavy tanks which can effectively fight against Soviet Union’s T M and IS-3 tanks. At this background, the WZ project is launched. Crew cab is located in the front part of the central, which is the same as IS-2 heavy tank and significantly different from the traditional location front-left of China tanks. Batteries and Shells are located at both sides of the driver. Transmission system is located at the mid-front of hull, turret placed at the rear.

Straight Outta Supertest: T-54 “First Prototype”

Assault guns had some advantages over tanks with turrets. The lack of a turret made them cheaper to produce. They could be built with a larger fighting compartment and could be fitted with bigger and more powerful weapons on a given chassis. However, assault guns generally aim by orienting the entire vehicle, and were thus less suited for close combat than tanks with turrets.

In April , design bureaus were asked to develop several assault guns with various armament:

Jul 10,  · SU getting preferential matchmaking – posted in Gameplay: Hello there, As we all know, that the E will be removed from the shops, isnt it .

Matchmaking Matchmaking The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS – russian heavy with tier 7. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected. In our example let it be 8 from 7 to 9 incl.

The matchmaker takes tanks from queue, which can participate in tier 8 battles see column number 8 in the table and puts them in 2 teams. In our battle we can face Tiger II and for example M6 both can participate in tier 8 battles. There are 12 battle tiers. In the tier 12 battles you will have only tanks from 10 tier and some light scouts from lower tiers. Some players are confusing battle tiers with tank tiers. This values must not be the same.

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Comments Introduction Welcome Komrad! Today you will learn about Russian tanks in War Thunder, and why they are superior to all! Background Information Most information found in this guide was found in sekrit Soviet Dokuments, and leaked by a unknown source in Gaijin studio via telegram. Anyway, the year is and Stalin’s 3 third plan is in effect. It was part of his 5 year plan to create the mighty Soviet Union.

Jan 09,  · Although the SU has regular matchmaking unlike some other premium tanks it doesn’t hold the tank destroyer back in the least bit. With its excellent firepower combined with good mobility and decent armor it is a great tier 7 tank destroyer.

You take your tank into 15 vs. Winning awards you credits and XP for you to upgrade your tank and research new tanks. All vehicles are divided up by tiers and as you research new tanks you ascend the tech tree, facing opponents appropriate to the tier of your tank. Combat in World of Tanks is much more methodical than most multiplayer online shooters. For example, tank treads and turrets have a maximum turning speed. Where you hit an enemy tank is also very important.

Not only do tanks have tougher armor in the front than the sides or rear, but the damage model on tanks are so detailed that you can disable tanks by shooting out their treads, or pierce weakpoints such as crew hatches or machine gun turrets.


With potential clip damage and only 11 seconds required to unload it, pairing the sufficient penetration of , the tank could simply decimate any tier 7 or 8 tank, and shave off over half the health of tier 9 and some tier 10 tanks. This tank was pushed back to tier 8 with the patch 7. The autoloading 76 mm T91E5 gun it used to have?

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Battle ratings are calculated by examining how well an aircraft or ground unit fares in different game modes, and they may differ for each game mode for the same vehicle for example, an aircraft or ground unit may perform considerably better in arcade mode than realistic battles mode, and so will have a higher battle rating in the former. This allows for a balanced game at all ranks and using all vehicles, meaning that certain nations having technological advantages at different periods in the game’s timeline is not an issue when playing, and planes that are too powerful do not ruin gameplay for those flying less effective aircraft.

Aviation In Arcade mode Comparison sheet of fighter aircraft’s BR in Arcade For Arcade Air Battles, a formula is in place that calculates your overall Battle Rating, aka the Battle Rating that the Matchmaker will use to match opponents against you, based on the three highest aircraft in your lineup in regards to their individual BR. That said, the important thing for you to know are three short facts: The overall BR can be lowered by a maximum of one BR step e.

Lowering your overall BR only works if you have only one aircraft with the highest BR in your lineup e. The formula takes aircraft of up to 2. What does that mean for you, as a player? As you progress through the research trees, it may happen that you unlock a new aircraft of considerably higher BR than the other aircraft in your current lineup. This system, to a certain extent, will allow you to use this new aircraft, while keeping your overall lineup competitive against other players you may face.

Special Offer: Trade in Premium Vehicles for New Ones

Leave a comment Overall Well the first thing to note about my tanking in February is that illness got in the way of a lot of it. Indeed as of writing this I am still uncomfortably ill. However my credit grind for the IS-4 has been less than successful as I have made a few side-purchases. Going forward into March I intend to make a determined effort to start amassing those credits.

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Tier 5 and under premiums: This is the only reason to grind the Bat on-track. If you didn’t buy this when it was removed from the store, you made a very bad decision. If you weren’t playing then, well at least you were never tricked into grinding French artillery. Just gonna rub this in since I don’t have a Type T14 and Excelsior have lower pen. The Excelsior has thick and flat front armor and no side armor. The Excelsior has better gold pen. T – Good tank. Tier 3 scouts, both quite good.

The T is probably a better buy between them due to there being many more US light premiums for crew training, as well as the Locust having m view range compared to the T ‘s m. Plus the T has better armor. It’s basically a T49, that trade its camo, profile, and turning speed for a lot of HP. Very strange tank to play though since it just turns its hull and turret so slowly.

15 KILLS – SU-122-44

Goes insanely fast in a straight line due to unbelievable acceleration power, but it has trouble turning. It’s basically a weird moving polyhedron, so it can bounce a lot of machine gun fire and the odd cannon shot, but it isn’t as bouncy as the T Do not reward Wargaming for that kind of behavior.

The SU is a Soviet tier 7 premium tank destroyer. Development was started in June by the Uralmash Design Bureau. The vehicle was based on the T chassis and had a conventional configuration, with the front placement of the fighting compartment.

The camo on the SU is incredible. The gun arc has never felt small, and even when I have to move, as long as I don’t fire without pulling back I don’t get spotted. In that regard, a good argument could be made for not taking camo nets. Personally, I just love being able to sit in a bush and have tanks just outside auto detection range drive right past me. That could be because of the vents though, and WoTLabs suggests taking GLD and camo net or optics over vents interestingly, but I just wanted to max camo and get that all round bonus.

The chocolate probably adds a lot to my camo and makes not having GLD more bearable. People using a standard account will probably have to do 2.

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October 5, at That thing was overpowered at tier 6 with its IS rof and 8 degrees of gun depression. KV-1S was equipped with a historically and the current tier 6 KV does not fulfill this historical component with its mm meta and this KV will emphasize a tier 7 heavy support role that the assault tanks IS and IS-2 do not fulfill to such a dramatic degree because their armor allows them to operate independetly.

The tank will also encourage the idea that tier 7 tanks are generally support vehicles and it will excel at tier 9 battles compared to the current IS because of its advantage in mobility. It is difficult to predict if it will accelerate the speed of tier 7 tank battles or slow them down because the high mobillity and armor is focused to speeding up battles and carrying landslide victories but also the lack of armor could make KV more campy and thusbslow tier 7 battles down.

These are just a few of many considerations a designer must make when they choose to create new content.

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Tier 5 and under premiums: This is the only reason to grind the Bat on-track. If you didn’t buy this when it was removed from the store, you made a very bad decision. If you weren’t playing then, well at least you were never tricked into grinding French artillery. Just gonna rub this in since I don’t have a Type T14 and Excelsior have lower pen.

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Tier 7 is a very fun tier. What are the best tier 7 tanks? My ranking system is as follows:

SU video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior. Development was started in June by the Uralmash Design Bureau. The vehicle was based on the T chassis and had a conventional configuration, with the front placement of the fighting compartment.

You pay your money, you take your choices [Last Updated January 18 ] There are quite a few premium vehicles in World of Tanks, sprinkled across the various nations, classes, and tiers. As stated above; premium vehicles come in a variety of forms, and there are a few limitations on what they can be. Generally speaking and there are exceptions , premium tanks will be slightly inferior to fully upgraded tanks of the same class and tier.

They span tiers 2 to 8 and have a few special quirks; as one example, a premium vehicle can use crew trained on vehicles of the same class at no penalty. But enough of that; you can read more about them on the wiki. And finally as disclaimer; I have not personally driven all of the tanks I will be talking about. For those that I have driven, I will mark them with an asterisk. I will also be giving most tanks a rating from 5 being the best. Tier 5 premiums can make decent amounts of money especially if played well, fully-pimped, and with a premium account , but they have their own issues that set them apart from the upper tier moneymakers.

It also has a wider battle tier spread than other tier 2 tanks, so it can get harsher matchmaking at times. A solid tier 2 from what I can gather. It will have a lot of trouble penetrating other heavy tanks in a straight up fight. Most notably it has a high rate of fire.

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This article does not imply that these changes should happen or will happen, either in combination or individually. Please pay attention to this disclaimer before being butthurt in the comments, thanks in advance. What about its predecessor, the SU ? This just will not do. Soviet testing standards for rates of fire included using every rack not just the ready rack , and re-adjusting targets.

Surely there is something better in your vast repository of knowledge!

Nov 29,  · The SU does not get preferential matchmaking. But it is one epic beast of a tank.

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