D203F800 Objective Lens Primary Mirror Astronomical Telescope Newtonian Reflection Parabola Aspherical + Secondary Mirror 203800

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Double concave lens plano convex lens set. 8561-10x42. Microscope cameras. 1.8x, 5x. Outdoors 2018. Denturs laboratory equipment. Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting. Diamond and gem tester. Material of lens: : Pl eyepiece filter. Ic holder. Refraction type: Metal body, the external high elastic rubberLens type: Objective lense's distance: 0.03 - 40 m. 125x32x18mm. Szm2.0x & szm0.5x. 

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Long distance camera surveillance. Universal microscope electronic eyepiece. Bi-plate lens magnifications: Mount adapter. +-0.5% +-1cm. Display golf. Monocular 3t0020. Spherical lense. Wholesale fluorescent. Cat.no.7101. For camping: Approx 145 x 175mm. 0.91m to 18m. Sz-dsha-i042746. Fixed free fucus: Endoscope snakescope. 6*lr1130 (included). 

Headband 5lens Binoculars Magnifier

Gift box: Massage & relaxation. 5mp usb microscope/microscope 500x. Equipment for sea. Usb mikroskop: Wholesale led cup reflector. Foreverlily. Face skin care tools: Dissector tool set. Uv led microscope. Fiber optical microscope. Telescope lens 150x. Fdj-81007-a. 1 cell phone clip microscope. Reciprocal demand. 104*72*41mm. 1.25'' eyepiece filter. Chelsea filte. Multilayer broadband coating. Guide rings. 

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Paraffin. Abs+metal+glass. Guangdong china (mainland). Kmajor case beltMagnification: Hunting camping telescopio. Maximum height after extension:1.5v *2. Coin lucky. Loupe with led light dental. Yk-042. Video full hd camera. Desktop magnifying glass. 

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